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Investment solutions

We work with our charity clients to explore their specific requirements. Following a thorough investment review, we will design and suggest investment strategies to suit your charity’s individual aims and objectives.

How do we invest on behalf of our charity clients?

  • We run multi-asset portfolios built around a distinctive global thematic approach – a single investment platform that serves all our clients
  • An unconstrained approach gives us the freedom to invest where we have the highest conviction for a long-term potential return
  • We believe in a ‘total return’ approach to spending and withdrawals. However we also recognise the importance of a recurring income stream (some have called our approach an ‘absolute income’ approach to investment)

Determining the right investments

We typically construct an investment strategy using the traditional asset classes of bonds, equities and property. At the periphery, we also consider other ‘non-traditional’ assets.

Through initial due diligence and discussion we can help you determine how much you can afford to genuinely call longer-term investments, and identify any capital that might be required on a shorter-term basis.

For longer-term investments, our Endowment Model is designed to provide a starting point for a strategic asset allocation discussion. Its principal aim is to produce a sustainable and growing stream of income for today’s beneficiaries, while maintaining the ‘real’ value of the capital (and income) for future generations.

Our bespoke solutions

We aim to design the most appropriate strategy, bespoke to each client and their particular circumstances, then agree together the most efficient way of implementing this policy.

We are able to invest on behalf of our clients through funds or in a segregated manner. Regardless of size, many of our clients choose to invest with us using one or both of the two Charity Authorised Investment Funds (CAIFs).

Sarasin Endowments Fund

Sarasin Income and Reserves Fund

The value of investments and the income derived from them may go down as well as up and you may not necessarily get back the amount you invested.

Your ethical policies

We take our responsibilities as investors very seriously and never more so than when we are managing money for our charity clients. An emphasis on sustainable business practices is part and parcel of the way we run money.

  • Active engagement
    We have a policy of voting on company resolutions and are actively engaged with the companies in which we invest
  • Implementing ethical overlays
    We have significant experience in designing bespoke portfolios to match specific ethical investment criteria (i.e. avoiding certain companies or sectors). Over two thirds of our charity clients have some form of ethical investment policy
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Compendium of Investment

A long-term context for today's investment environment.

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Training and events Sharing our knowledge plays an important part in delivering on our commitment. Working with Charity Finance Group (CFG), we offer foundation and advanced level investment training.