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Corporate impact report

As one of the UK’s leading investors when it comes to Responsible Stewardship, we aim to manage our clients’ investments with the highest regard to environmental, social and governance issues.

We know that we must also ensure that we hold ourselves to the same high standards we advocate in our investee companies. We therefore produce our annual Corporate Impact Report, setting out our governance structure and holding ourselves accountable across a broad range of criteria.

Whilst we are proud of many aspects of the report, we recognise the need to improve. The support and comments we receive from both clients and employees helps to further Sarasin & Partners’ contribution to society.

We hope that the findings of this report will contribute to our efforts to optimise our client service, today and in the future. For us, this means not only providing a full range of innovative investment products, but also offering a well-rounded team of employees able to deliver best-in-class service.

Our commitments

Our clients

Our clients - We look at how we meet our clients' needs, and how we protect and support them.

  • Treat all clients fairly
  • Provide high levels of transparency
  • Engage with companies that we invest in to ensure managements' interests are aligned with shareholders' interests
  • Protect client data
Our employees

Our employees - At the heart of any successful firm is its employees, and we appreciate that they are our most valuable resource.

  • Provide a positive working environment, where employees' compensation is linked to achieving challenging objectives
  • Ensure greater equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Enable individuals to develop their careers
  • Provide flexible working practices
Our communities

Our community - Supporting our community is an essential part of our future success.

  • Continue to support small charities where our contribution can make a real difference
  • Regularly review which nominated charity we support to try and broaden our impact
  • Invest our clients' capital to achieve attractive financial returns whilst improving longer-term societal outcomes
 Our environment

Our environment - We are clear that climate change represents a grave threat to our way of life and our planet.

  • Increase our use of renewable energy
  • Only use recycled or Forest Stewardship Council paper
  • Establish a carbon offset programme for employee travel
  • Provide training for investors on the impact of climate change and how to invest to decarbonise the world


If you have any questions or comments on the report, please contact us.
Corporate Impact Report 2017

This report shows how we hold ourselves accountable to clients, employees and our community.

Corporate Impact Report