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Active engagement

Responsible stewardship is a fundamental part of our investment process. This is because we believe that we are most likely to deliver enduring value for our clients through the careful selection of investment targets, and the close monitoring of those companies we hold on our clients' behalf. Before we commit our clients' capital to a company, we undertake detailed due diligence guided by our thematic investment process.

Once our clients do become owners of a company, we stay very close the management. On occasion, we encounter unexpected risks, and where we believe we can play a helpful role to secure the company’s prospects, we will seek to do so.

We seek to act as partners with companies, supporting sound corporate governance and favouring management teams that welcome shareholder views. We also use our clients’ voting rights. We have clear voting policies based on principles that we believe should be universal and enduring, although we are willing to override them when we believe it is in clients’ best interests.

Our principles

  • A long-term mindset
  • A constructive attitude
  • Commitment to challenge disappointing behaviour
  • We do not micro-manage
  • We use our clients’ voting rights
  • Our conversations with companies are generally confidential
  • We will speak out publically where we believe it is necessary
  • We liaise with other shareholders
  • We do not seek to be ‘taken inside’