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Welcome to Charities

Why choose Sarasin & Partners?

Our long-term commitment to the sector and specialisation in charity investment are two of the reasons why we have become one of the largest fund managers in the sector, with over £4.5 billion* of charitable funds under management. Despite our growth we have not lost sight of our core values and more importantly those of our clients.

*as at 31 December 2013


John Handford Head of Charity Marketing


Our Compendium of Investment reference guide puts today’s investment environment into a long-term context.

Charity Focus: Adopting a Total Returns Policy

The Charity Commission recently made it easier for charities whose capital is permanently endowed to adopt a Total Return investment policy.
Our Chief Client Officer, Robert Boddington, discusses the new procedure.


Our seminars are designed to give trustees a thorough understanding of the principles of charity investment.