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Investment training

We offer Foundation and Advanced level investment training for our charity clients and trustees. These training sessions run throughout the year, and take place both in London (in conjunction with the Charity Finance Group) and across the UK.

Foundation Investment Training

This intensive half-day seminar is designed to give delegates a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of charity investment, as well as their responsibilities as a trustee or charity manager.

This course is CPD accredited and attendance can be recorded as 2.5 hours towards annual CPD requirements.

Advanced Investment Training

A natural progression from the foundation training, this session aims to provide delegates with a deeper understanding of fund management so they can confidently take responsibility for investments.

Costs (CFG)

Our clients are fully subsidised for these courses. For all other attendees, pricing is as follows:

  • CFG member: £65
  • Non CFG member: £94
Contact John Handford Head of Charity Marketing
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Foundation Investment Training
27 Nov 2018 London Book via CFG
Advanced Investment Training
Dates and venues of further trustee training to follow. Please check back soon for updates.