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Business update from CEO Guy Matthews

The impact of coronavirus is now far reaching, and causing reverberations across society and the economy. I am taking the opportunity to give you an update on how we at Sarasin & Partners are managing our business during this difficult time and the steps we are taking to ensure that any impact on our clients or staff is limited.

Business continuity

We have undertaken extensive groundwork to ensure that we are prepared for any scenario, including one in which all employees need to work remotely. In such a scenario, while things may look and feel slightly different, our business will remain operational.

Managing your portfolios is our highest priority, which means that if a large number or all of our employees are working remotely, our response time for non-urgent tasks may be extended. In the event that employees are working remotely, calls to our office will be automatically redirected to them. Clients should continue to contact their investment teams as normal, but via telephone or email, rather than post, where possible.

Protecting clients and staff

To protect clients and staff, we are no longer holding face-to-face external meetings and are implementing social distancing within the office. We have postponed all our planned client events and staff will no longer take part in conferences or face-toface training. Business travel is postponed until further notice. We have implemented UK government advice on self-isolation measures for any employee affected by coronavirus.

On top of our thorough office cleaning, we have implemented additional virus control measures, with all meeting rooms and surfaces, door handles, light switches and other common touch points disinfected throughout the day.

Managing investments

Financial markets have seen very significant volatility due to concerns around coronavirus. It is natural to be concerned but it is essential to focus on the long term. While we are likely to experience further volatility, be assured that our long-term approach means that portfolios are positioned in line with long-term objectives and are designed to weather short-term market moves. We encourage you to check our website and Linkedin profile for the latest thoughts and insights from our investment team.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and will update you if there are any meaningful changes. This is a challenging period for all of us but we have great confidence in the strength of Sarasin’s long-term, thematic investment approach, and in the resilience of our operational processes and business continuity measures.


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