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Investment capabilities

We believe in taking a long-term, global approach to investing, adopting a holistic view of the underlying financial performance of companies. This involves going beyond valuations to analyse environmental and social impacts, as well as governance practices, to identify opportunities that will provide enduring value for our clients.

  • Multi-asset – We excel in creating multi-asset solutions. Employing our dynamic asset allocation process, we draw upon the full range of asset classes to create bespoke portfolios, charity funds, model portfolios, funds of funds and unitised multi-asset funds. These can form either the core of a larger portfolio, or a complete investment solution in their own right.
  • Third party funds – The third party funds team at Sarasin & Partners has the role of researching, selecting and monitoring external managers for use within client portfolios and other unitised funds. They use an unfettered approach to select best of breed managers, giving clients the opportunity to access strategies that are not offered in-house and diversify manager risk. They are also experts in alternative investment strategies.
  • Equities – Our equity team follow our well defined global thematic approach, using a forward-looking framework to identify the inexorable trends that will shape the world in which we live and invest, and the companies best placed to benefit from them. Our analysts then filter these down to the very best investment opportunities in companies with quality characteristics, growth potential and attractive valuations.
  • Fixed income – We offer both universal credit portfolios and responsible credit portfolios. Our experienced fixed income team utilise a variety of credit instruments, always seeking strong credit fundamentals and good relative value. They work closely with our team of equity analysts and economists, benefitting from sector research.
  • Real estate – Global listed real estate offers liquid access to an attractive but illiquid underlying asset class. The real estate team emphasise quality in the buildings, the locations and the management teams, working with a highly regarded consultant to ensure access to fundamental on-the-ground research. We offer both a standard and a sustainable unitised fund.

Systematic strategies

We have been providing systematic strategies since 1996 and have a strong track record of delivering transparent, disciplined, rules-based investment processes that remove manager bias from decision making. We aim to provide a better risk and return trade-off than a market capitalisation approach, with a focus on cost-effective implementation.

Visit our dedicated systematic site