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Beware of criminals impersonating Sarasin & Partners

Criminals who engage in fraudulent activity are increasingly sophisticated. They are often articulate and financially knowledgeable, and they may falsely claim to represent Sarasin & Partners.

They do this by creating professional materials, testimonials, and even a website to encourage you to make fraudulent investments.

We have three authorised firms on the FCA register:

  1. Sarasin & Partners LLP
  2. Sarasin Asset Management Limited
  3. Sarasin Investment Funds Limited

If someone sends you to a website that looks like ours, double check that it matches our details on the FCA register. You can find it here; simply search for whichever one of our names you wish to run a check on. Pay particular attention to the name, or URL, of the website, as it can often be subtly different – sometimes even by as little as one letter.

Things to check

If you are looking for application forms on how to invest in our funds, you can find them on the page with the fund information. For example, you can find all the forms you need to invest in Sarasin IE GlobalSar – Dynamic (GBP) A Acc on the relevant fund page.

If you are an individual fund investor, we also have a guide on how to invest, which discusses some of the questions that people ask us most often.

Always double check that you are sending money to the correct bank account. Our details are shown on our application forms; in the case of monies in GBP, our account details are:

Bank name: Royal Bank of Scotland, London Corporate, PO Box 450, 5-10 Great Tower Street, London EC3P 3HX

Account name: Sarasin Investment Funds Ltd Sterling Client Money Account

Sort code: 16-04-00

Account number: 20018870

Common tactics used by criminals

These are five common tactics often used by criminals, as highlighted by the FCA:

  • Applying pressure – saying that there is a limited offer or bonuses before a set date (usually in the immediate future)
  • Downplaying the risks to your money, suggesting the investment is very safe
  • Promising lucrative returns, with better interest rates than offered elsewhere
  • Calling you repeatedly, usually from an initial cold call
  • Explaining that either the deal is only available to you, or that other clients want in the deal

The FCA provide more information on how to be a ‘Scam Smart Investor’ on their website.

If you think someone is impersonating us

If you believe that a fraudulent third party has contacted you then we encourage you to ignore their communication. Our belief is that you can never be too careful.

If you are suspicious, report it. If you have any information that you think could help protect others, please contact us at

If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please contact the police and Action Fraud – the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre – on 0300 123 2040 or visit