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The Board

The Board of Sarasin & Partners LLP has overall responsibility for the management of the business. It sets the firm’s overall strategy but delegates implementation and day-to-day management duties to the Executive Committee.

Bank J. Safra Sarasin representatives

  • Daniel Belfer Chairman
  • Oliver Cartade Non-Executive Director

Independent Non-Executive Directors

  • Chris Samuel
  • Gary Steinberg


  • Oliver Bates Charities
  • Chris Bell General Counsel
  • Jamie Black Head of Private Clients
  • Henry Boucher Partner, Deputy CIO
  • Edward Campbell-Johnston Private Clients
  • Phil Collins Asset Management
  • Fergus Crawford CEO, Dublin
  • Ruadhri Duncan Charities
  • Randal Dunluce Private Clients
  • Mark Fairbanks Smith Private Clients
  • Lucinda Harris Private Clients
  • Alex Hunter Asset Management
  • James Hutton Charities
  • Sam Jeffries Private Clients
  • Natasha Landell-Mills, CFA Head of Stewardship
  • Richard Maitland Head of Charities
  • Guy Matthews Managing Partner
  • Guy Monson Senior Partner and Chief Investment Officer
  • Andrea Nardon Partner, Fund Manager, Head of Quant
  • Melanie Roberts Charities
  • Subitha Subramaniam Chief Economist
  • Tim Temple Chief Operating Officer
  • Jerry Thomas Asset Management
  • Tom Vernon Private Clients
  • Caroline Wells Head of Compliance