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Champion of champions

20 yeas of the PAM Awards

by  Sophie Spencer (née Jewson)  |  30 Oct 2018


The Private Asset Managers (PAM) Awards are some of the most sought after awards in the UK wealth management sector, and this year they are celebrating their 20th birthday.

Over the years many firms have won or been named as finalists, but we are delighted to report that we have been a winner more times than any other firm. Since the PAM Awards judging panel was put in place, we have achieved a grand total of twenty seven wins – eight more than our nearest competitor! (We also won a couple of extra ones in the two years before, although PAM only officially started counting in 2000.)

These have come in a variety of categories, ranging from investment performance to overall service quality, but we are particularly well known for success around the quality and clarity of our reporting. We believe that our clients must find it easy to hold us to account, and we are committed to providing them with the clarity they need to enable them to do just that.

Here’s to the next twenty years of success!