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Other intiatives

There are a number of other initiatives that we have been active in recently.

Support for the Workforce Disclosure Initiative

Sarasin & Partners have become founding signatories to the Workforce Disclosure Initiative.

The initiative – coordinated by ShareAction – aims to improve corporate disclosures around labour issues (including in their supply chains) to ensure investors understand how well the companies’ human capital is being managed. For instance, the Initiative will promote disclosure on turnover levels, workforce composition, development and engagement. Sarasin & Partners support this effort since it is often difficult to get insight around how motivated, happy and productive workforces are.

Poor labour practices can have material impacts for a business’s productivity, regulatory risk and reputation, and in certain cases can lead to terrible consequences including the loss of life. In addition to promoting better disclosure, the WDI will coordinate engagements with weaker companies to promote improvements.

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Vote by Show of Hands Initiative

We are supporting an investor effort to ensure shareholders can vote electronically, rather than being required to be present under a 'show of hands' rule, at Australian listed companies.

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